what type of pool coping should I use on my swimming pool

This seemingly simple question is asked by nearly everyone who is either renovating an existing swimming pool or installing a new swimming pool. Wether its a fibreglass or concrete swimming pool you will need to make this decision. Which type of stone is recommended? I would always recommend either Harkaway Bluestone or Himalayan Sandstone pool coping, depending on which colour suites your setting. Both of these natural stones have low porosity and high density levels and are salt tolerant, making them PERFECT for use as pool coping. Should I use a drop down face or a normal pool coping tile? The benefit of using a drop face coping tile comes to the fore on fibreglass pools especially. As the drop face pool coping will not only sit on top of the fibreglass BUT will also drop down over the edge. It will hide the 5-6mm adhesive line that you will see if you had used a bullnose or square edge coping tile. Whereas if you have a concrete pool there will be a waterline tile put on and the bullnose or square edge coping will be fine because the adhesive line is hidden behind the top waterline tiles. Mind you to make this adhesive line near invisible on your fibreglass swimming pool you can simply caulk it with a coloured urethane compound. Should I use a bullnose or square edge with a bevel to the top and bottom pool edge? If you are after that “old school,” or heritage finish a bullnose is still strongly recommended BUT generally these days a square edge with a very small 5mm aris to the top and bottom of the pool edge is by far more popular. How to install the pool coping? In 3 words…. get a stonemason. IF in Melbourne use Samuel Nagle on 0448440536 or Steve Taylor on 0418557936 IF you are in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Hobart or in a country area, still please call us for advice on 03 97069767 BH IF you decide to still do this yourself we recommend you use ASA adhesive FIXALL and it should be mixed with MEGALASTIC instead of water ( approx 4-5ltrs per 20kg bag of fixall). Please ensure IF you have a concrete swimming pool that the waterline tile is on prior to installing the pool coping( as the waterline tiles set the level).  

See our slide show below to help get a visual on the stone types and edges available for pool coping.

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