Pool Coping Installtion By Stone & Slate Discounts PL Stone pool coping is the area around the pool which protects the structure from water damage. This product adds a benefit as stone holds water very well and can blend in with the landscape. There will be a number of steps to follow to make a stone pool coping installation and the first step is knowing the type of coping you will be using when making your pool. Step 1: Laying Out Your Coping The first thing you will need to do is decide how you would like your pool coping to be laid out. After you have decided the shape of the pool you will need to make, you will need to figure out how big or small of pieces you want for the coping of the pool. Find the stone you want to use then lay them out where they should go. Once they are laid out, start marking on them where you want them to be cut so that they will fit in place. Make sure everything is leveled correctly around the perimeter of the pool so the stone will be flat when placing them in place. Step 2: Cutting the Coping The best choice for laying down the stone is bull-nose coping because it uses a rounded edge and will be flexible with the material of stone. This will also allow the area to be cut and made into any design and pattern to fit your pool design. If you do have a bull-nose shaped pool, you will have to consider on how to cut the stone pieces to fit the shape of your design. If not, you can start mixing the mortar and placing the pieces down on the mortar. Make sure when mixing the mortar that you don’t mix to much up ahead of time and to have it more wet than dry. You may need to cut the stone if you have a curved shape to your design, and you can do this with a diamond blade circular saw and make several passes with the blade by cutting about 1/2 inch deeper each time. While doing this, make sure to wear safety goggles, ear muffles, and dust mask because of all of the dust from the blade and stone. If a diamond blade saw is not available, you can use a wet saw which you can buy or rent inexpensively. Step 3: Attaching the Product Once the pieces are in place you will need to use tile expansions joints and concrete pored behind it so the tiles will not shift around when placed in with the mortar. You want to use a expansion joints because stone expand and contracts with the environment so you need a strong sealant like caulking or deck-o-seal, which works just as well. As a finishing touch, you may want to sand down the edges of stone and gives the coping a finished look. Coping is a great way to help protect your pool and prevent water damage to the area around your pool. What You’ll Need Stone Adhesive PLUS Latex additive Stone Grout Diamond Blade on a grinder or circular saw Ear muffs Goggles Dust mask Tile expansion joint caulking – Urethane Pool Coping Installtion By Stone & Slate Discounts PL Pool Coping Installtion By Stone & Slate Discounts PL Pool Coping Installtion By Stone & Slate Discounts PL